Is Calcium ONLY Found in Dairy?!

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A lot of people think they have to consume dairy products – milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream – in order to take in enough Calcium. Maybe you’re one of them?! However, many people can’t tolerate dairy, or are choosing healthier options. Cows are pumped with antibiotics and steroids that can negatively impact our health; therefore almond, coconut, and hemp products can be better for us. Many of these products have calcium added into them, but non-dairy calcium can also be found in other sources as well.

Great Sources of Non-Dairy Calcium

To put these in perspective, 100 grams of milk contains 118 grams of Calcium and 100 grams of yogurt contains 111. So lets see how non-dairy calcium sources stack up — these are all 100 gram servings!

  • Raw KALE (one of our greatest super foods) has 160 grams of calcium!
  • Broccoli has 80 grams of calcium
  • Spinach has 100 grams of calcium
  • Sunflower seeds (3/4 c) have 126 grams of calcium
  • Peanuts (2/3 c) have 76 grams of calcium
  • Bitter chocolate has 78 grams of calcium
  • Whole wheat flour has 99 grams of calcium

Feel better without dairy while continuing to build and maintain strong bones! Don’t forget to do weight bearing exercises too! 🙂

Family Meals: A Family that Eats Together, Stays Healthy Together

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The Importance of Family Meals

Studies have shown that there are significant benefits of sitting down for dinner as a family. Family meals lead to better communication with children, less adolescent problem behavior, less disordered eating problems, and less problems with obesity. A Minnesota study showed that cooking dinner at home vs ordering take-out or eating out, also results in lower body fat, cholesterol, and insulin levels. The odds of being obese or overweight were greatly increased when families consumed even just one restaurant meal per week for dinner.

There is a clear association between better family relationships and those who eat dinner together. Dr. Katie can help you make sure the right foods are on your family’s plate!

Is Your Beauty Regimen Safe?!

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Check the Safety of Your Beauty Regimen Products

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? This large organ not only protects us, but is one of the ways we absorb and eliminate toxins. Applying toxic chemicals to our skin can result in an increased risk for cancer, allergies, and hormonal imbalance; therefore it’s important to support our skin rather than damage it.

The Environmental Working Group is a great resource to check the safety of the beauty regimen products you use in your home. Cosmetics, cleaning supplies, skin care, sunscreen, oral care, and many more products we use daily can contain ingredients that may be harmful for our health. Check the safety by searching the Environmental Working Group database. A low score 0-2 is best, 3-6 is ok, and 7-10 means we should stay away from that product. By clicking on the product you can also see how it can impact your health and why it received its rating.

Click on the link below to start checking your beauty regimen products!

Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database | Environmental Working Group.

Safe, effective, and environmentally friendly cleaning solution:

  1. Equal parts water and distilled vinegar
  2. Squeeze fresh lemon or few drops of essential oil for scent
  3. Use on windows and surfaces around your home
  4. Re-use bottle!

Food Allergies – Gluten and beyond!


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Food Allergies and Sensitivities – Gluten and beyond

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  • How do I know if I have an allergy without testing?
  • How does my diet affect my gut
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