Is Calcium ONLY Found in Dairy?!


A lot of people think they have to consume dairy products – milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream – in order to take in enough Calcium. Maybe your one of them?! However, many people can’t tolerate dairy, or are choosing healthier options. Cows are pumped with antibiotics and steroids that can negatively impact our health; therefore almond, coconut, and hemp products can be better for us. Many of these products have calcium added into them, but calcium can also be found in other sources as well.

To put this in perspective 100 grams of milk contains 118 grams of Calcium and 100 grams of yogurt contains 111. Lets see how non-dairy sources stack up – these are all 100 gram servings!

  • Raw KALE (one of our greatest super foods) has 160 grams of calcium!
  • Broccoli has 80 grams of calcium
  • Spinach has 100 grams of calcium
  • Sunflower seeds (3/4 c) have 126 grams of calcium
  • Peanuts (2/3 c) have 76 grams of calcium
  • Bitter chocolate has 78 grams of calcium
  • Whole wheat flour has 99 grams of calcium

Feel better without dairy while continuing to build and maintain strong bones! Don’t forget to do weight bearing exercises too! 🙂

3 Comments on “Is Calcium ONLY Found in Dairy?!

  1. Growing up, I was ALWAYS under the impression that the best source was through milk, but I’m glad I started doing my own research because I now get it from all natural sources; thanks for letting us know:_)

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. My family’s allergies are worsened when they eat dairy products. My brother researched on milk and found out that it’s not exactly the best and only source of calcium, especially when they are pumped with antibiotics and all those harsh chemicals. More people should know that there are many other sources of calcium. I’m sharing this on my FB so my family and friends will know 🙂

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