Treating Your Thyroid Naturally! Free Seminar!

Free Seminars offered at Bloomington Family Chiropractic

Treating Your Thyroid Naturally!

  • Learn how natural medicine can improve your thyroid function!

  • How does your diet impact your thyroid?

  • How can natural medicine be used if I am on medications?

  • Managing your thyroid medication to optimize your thyroid function!

When: June 25th, 7 PM

Where: Bloomington Family Chiropractic


Sign up by calling 952-881-2800

Upcoming Seminars:

  • July – Vaccinations
  • August – How to lower your cholesterol Naturally
  • September – Back to school health tips for your kids
  • October – Is your house making you sick?
  • November – Aches and pains
  • December – Heartburn before the holidays


2 Comments on “Treating Your Thyroid Naturally! Free Seminar!

  1. Treating thyroid issues can be kind of scary when you don’t know what to expect especially when you are afraid of what side effects may come along with medicine. I’m sorry I couldn’t make the seminar but I think it’s a wonderful service you are providing.

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