Do You Want To Have A Healthy Holiday?

We had so much fun at the Give Yourself the Gift of A Healthy Holiday seminar last night that I wanted to pass along some nutrition tips for those of you who weren’t able to attend. The holidays are a stressful time and if you are working toward maintaining or losing weight, avoiding food allergies, or have other dietary restrictions, this is an especially difficult time of year. Temptation will find you at holiday parties with a lack of healthy foods, while running errands, and with family and friends where there is pressure to conform. Navigating the holidays while keeping your healthy habits in tact is challenging. But it is not impossible! By using the tips below you can put your mind at ease knowing that you are doing the best you can. Soar into the New Year feeling great and have yourself a very happy holiday!

healthy food

1. Focus on MAINTAINING your weight and your activity level

This is usually not a great time to focus on losing weight.


2. Bring healthy food options to the party

Holiday Veggies

  • Appetizer: Fresh veggies and hummus or fruit (it’s all about presentation here!)
  • Side dish: Roasted sweet potatoes and apples, baked asparagus, etc.
  • Turkey: Use an herbs to give the meat flavor
  • Dessert: Dairy free and gluten-free options, you might not be able to get away with bringing a “healthy” dessert, so watch your portion size here or skip it all together. Bring something you don’t like, but other people do.

3. Watch your portions and chose 1 or 2 things to splurge on

4. Hide the cookies!

Hide the cookies!

The freezer is a great place to hide cookies. Think about whether you really want those cookies while you wait for them to un-thaw. If the answer is “yes”, then see #8!

5. Don’t leave bowls of M&Ms and snack food around the house

Candy Bowl

6. Eat your veggies first


Fill up on veggies first and you may not have room for a second serving of mashed potatoes and gravy.

7. Drink plenty of water! At least ½ your body weight in ounces

8 Glasses of water per day

8. If you eat something on the naughty list, ENJOY it!


Be choosy about when and what you indulge in (I am a chocolate kind of girl), and then enjoy it, otherwise what is the point?!

9. Be wise in your drink choices

Holiday Wine

  • Egg Nog: ½ cup
    • Traditional Egg Nog = 200 calories
    • Coconut or Soy Milk Egg Nog = 90 calories
  • Alcohol:
    • Liquor = 64 cal/oz (watch what you put in your alcohol)
    • Red and white wine = 120 cal / 5 oz
    • Beer:
      • IPA = 180 calories/bottle
      • Honey Weiss = 149 calories / bottle
      • Crispin Hard Cider = 170 calories / bottle
      • Michelob Ultra = 95 calories / bottle
      • Angry Orchard = 210 calories / bottle
  • Hot chocolate with water = 90 cal & 8g sugar / cup
  • Hot chocolate with milk = 192 cal / cup
  • Coffee shop drinks:
    • Medium White Turtle Mocha 610 cal & 73g sugar
    • Medium Pumpkin Spiced Latte 380 Cal, 49g sugar
    • Medium coffee with soy 15 calories, 1g sugar

10. Keep a bag of nuts with you. If you are hungry and do not have healthy options, snack on nuts until you get home or can find a place with healthy options.


Safe travels and have a very happy holiday season!

~Dr. Katie Corazzo

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One Comment on “Do You Want To Have A Healthy Holiday?

  1. Healthy eating is healthy eating without the guilt later. AND if the professor has had enough enough is good as a feast! thanks for sharing…

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