Could You Be Suffering From Candida?

The weather is finally warming up. For most of us this means that plenty of get togethers and an abundance of decadent food and drinks are right around the corner. For those of you struggling with digestion issues, however, just thinking about the food and beverages probably has your stomach churning. Digestive disorders can take the fun out of our most enjoyable moments. They don’t have to however. The faster we can pinpoint the cause of our ailments, the sooner we can treat them properly and enjoy our lives normally again.

One disorder that has been getting a lot of attention lately is candida overgrowth or candida albicans, its official term. Candida is a type of yeast, or fungus, that is found naturally in the body. For the most part when the bacteria in your body is balanced, candida is not a cause for concern. However, if you are living with an overgrowth of candida or a lack of good bacteria in your gut, you may experience one or a number of symptoms that can wreak havoc on your body and spoil the fun at your future gatherings.

No one likes to talk about their digestive disorders, however if ignored too long they can permeate into bigger issues. You don’t need to suffer through the discomfort. The more you know about candida, the better equipped you will be to take control of your digestive health.    

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Candida Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms of candida can vary, but include anxiety, depression, yeast infections, diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, foggy thinking, fatigue, and skin issues. Like most ailments candida overgrowth can make you feel terrible. However, as you can imagine some of these symptoms have the added benefit of also being extremely embarrassing. If you find yourself enjoying a couple of beers or other delights this season only to be followed by bloating and digestive discomfort, you may be suffering from candida.

Other common symptoms of candida include severe allergies, sugar cravings, and respiratory problems. Whether you are experiencing one or a few of these issues, candida can truly interfere with your quality of life.

So, what causes candida overgrowth? Eating a standard American diet that includes a lot of carbohydrates and highly refined foods is one of the many causes of candida. Candida feeds off of sugar and processed foods, allowing it to grow and take over your intestinal tract. Another cause of candida overgrowth includes the heavy use of antibiotics, which may have killed off the good bacteria while treating the bad. Birth control pills, stress and even chemotherapy are additional common causes.


Candida Treatments?

If you suspect that you may be suffering from candida, one of the simplest things that you can do to try and get it under control is to change your diet. Eating a diet comprised mostly of whole unprocessed low carbohydrate foods, such as non-starchy vegetables, will help to starve the yeast.

Candida cleanses and diets are currently being marketed everywhere. Some cleanses include the use of probiotics. Although these diets may be beneficial to some candida sufferers, they might not work for everyone. The best thing to do is to work with your physician to determine what will work for you. This could save you money and possible disappointment.

Given the varying degrees of symptoms, candida affects its victims in many different ways. This means that it may take more than just a change of diet and added supplements to cure your particular candida overgrowth. Eating healthier will be beneficial regardless, however in order to cure candida you will need to determine what is required for your individual situation.


Get Tested

Sometimes candida overgrowth can appear visually on the tongue. If you take a look at your tongue and notice white coating it is likely that you have candida overgrowth. However, the only way to be absolutely sure is to get tested by a doctor.

Many candida overgrowth symptoms can be vague. Therefore, it can be hard to determine whether you are actually dealing with candida. Testing will help you determine and confirm whether candida is the true cause of your discomfort.

At Balanced Care we offer specific testing in order to find out whether or not you are truly suffering from candida overgrowth.  If it turns out that you have other ailments but have misdiagnosed yourself as suffering from candida, this could potentially lead to more health problems. If you test positive, we will use natural remedies for candida or yeast overgrowth and will work with you to prescribe the best treatment for your particular situation.




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Balanced Care is located in Edina and Woodbury, MN. We specialize is natural therapies that address the root cause of the problem. Dr. Katie and Dr. Rachel are here to create a holistic treatment plan designed with only you in mind. We offer complimentary 15 minute consultation and look forward to hearing from you.

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