How to Prevent and Treat Infections Naturally at Home!

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Written by: Julia Liebich, ND, DC

There is a great deal of uncertainty in the world currently and it is affecting each of us differently. We know there aren’t many medications (oftentimes, no medication) that treat viruses, so the best thing you can do is prevent infection and support your immune system if you do catch something. See below for natural treatments that you can utilize at home to provide optimal immune function with a focus on therapies that research has deemed best in fighting viruses. Please keep in mind that it is critical to use high quality supplementation for optimal absorption and effectiveness. We are also available for video or phone visits if you would like a personalized wellness plan.

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First and foremost, focus on PREVENTION:


The key to immune function; when our bodies do not receive adequate sleep our immune function is compromised and the ability to fight infection decreases substantially. Consider sleeping at least 7 hours per night and keep a consistent schedule. 

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STRESS management

Psychological stress alters immune regulation and is directly linked to the body’s inflammatory response, this weakens immune function. Meditation and breathing exercises can have positive effects. Some top apps available to download: 

    1. The Mindfulness App
    2. Headspace
    3. Calm
    4. Insight timer
    5. Buddhify
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Essential to optimal immune function. Eliminate sugar and increase colorful vegetables (5-7 servings daily) and fruits (2-3 servings daily). Sugar consumption can cause the immune system reactivity to reduce by 5x its normal function. Ensure healthy protein and fat consumption (organic, wild, grass-fed when possible). Additional antioxidant / nutrient support can be found in a high-quality multivitamin and greens powders.

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Nutritional Supplementation 

  • Zinc: Inhibits viral activity. May cause nausea if consumed on an empty stomach. 
  • Vit C: Has been found to shorten the frequency, duration and severity of colds, as well as the incidence of pneumonia. High doses are oftentimes needed and should be discussed with your Naturopathic Doctor. 
  • NAC: a natural mucolytic, antioxidant, and supportive to the immune system. Combination formulas containing NAC, vitamin C, and mucosal support are available (NAC currently on backorder)
  • Melatonin has shown to inhibit inflammatory activity and reduces oxidative lung injury. Recommended dosing is 1-5g. Sustained release (SR ) to be taken at bedtime, non sustained release to be taken 30-60min prior to bedtime.
  • Vitamin D: anti-viral and supportive to the immune system. Also important for mood regulation in a cold state like Minnesota. *Consider DISCONTINUATION upon infection* due to possible effects on inflammatory cytokines
  • Sambucus/Elderberry: Anti-viral support, aiding in prevention or early stage infection.  While a very popular * consider DISCONTINUATION upon infection* due to possible “cytokine storm”
  • Vitamin A: anti-viral, supportive to the immune system. Please ask your naturopathic doctor for dosage recommendations before taking. 
  • Other immune supporting Herbs: Licorice Root, Adrographis, Astragalus, Quercitin
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Julia Liebich, ND, DC

As a Naturopathic Doctor and Chiropractor, Dr. Julia specializes in treating the root cause of disease using natural medicine. She truly listens to her patients which allows her to provide individualized treatments that achieve amazing results. Dr. Julia practices at Balanced Care in Woodbury and Edina where she serves patients throughout the twin cities.