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Healing with Botanicals

The pace of development and production of chemically synthesized drugs has transformed health care in the U.S. and many other parts of the world. However,

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Coffee Alternatives

Do you start each morning with a cup of coffee? Do you consider yourself dead to the world until you get your first sip? Throughout

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Huge Announcements!!

Changes in Edina and Woodbury are coming up! Introducing Dr. Julia!! Dr. Julia will be taking over for Dr. Rachel beginning in January and we

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Holiday Open House

Happy hour, pampering, and holiday shopping! When:Thursday, November 29th Time: 4 PM – 7 PM Where: Revive Wellness 3209 W 76th St #303 Edina What: Meet & Shop

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Healthy Soup Recipes

Fall is the season of crisp weather, cooler walks through changing forests, cozy fires, and nourishing, healthy soups. As the season changes, it helps if

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How to Fall Asleep

Sleeplessness is an epidemic in the United States. More than 70 million American adults suffer from some form of a sleep disorder, and with this

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Seasonal Allergies

Most seasonal allergy sufferers are well-accustomed to the spring arrival of all the grasses and pollens that turn their peaceful world into a constant barrage

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Our Favorite Things!

Are you looking for a holiday gift for your health conscious sister, wife, friend, or co-worker? Well, we have you covered! We are sharing a

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Hormones and Infertility

Hormones and Infertility

Hormonal imbalance is one of the leading causes of female infertility. Symptoms that one may experience as a result of hormonal imbalance include irregular menstrual

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Sugar Free February

Low energy and fatigue. Feeling exhausted? Inflammation. That is not water retention, but swelling from the inflammation sugar causes. I had it too and guess

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Lose the Weight ~ Eat Bacon?!

Therefore, when insulin is around, we do two things: Store more fat Stop the body from burning fat. Taubes, Gary. “Why We Get

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Menopause, aging, hot flashes, insomnia, depression, anxiety

Free PiYo Class!!

Support the MN Association of Naturopathic Physicians with Enjoy Wellness Studios Thursday, December 10 th , 9 AM – 10 AM AND Saturday, January 16 th , 10:30 AM

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Everyday Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are quick, easy, delicious, and nutritious! I use this recipe all. the. time. Before or after workouts, and for a meal replacement when I

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Rosemary Vodka

“Skinny” Rosemary Vodka

Did you know that rosemary stimulates the nervous system to enhance your well-being ? Studies have suggested that rosemary can help increase alertness and lower anxiety

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stressed women

Top 8 Naturopathic Sleep Remedies

Does this look familiar? Increased risk of cardiovascular disease Risk for obesity, type II diabetes, and metabolic disorder  Weight gain Poor food choices, increased  cravings  Mood changes – increased

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The Toxin and Stress Cleanse

Detox. Metabolism reset. Renewed mind. Get ready to shed unwanted holiday pounds, lower your stress levels, restore your energy, and increase immune function. Join Dr.

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Sick Woman

Women’s Health Seminar

Free Seminars offered at Bloomington Family Chiropractic Women’s Health Uncovering the cause How the environment influences your health How your diet influences your hormones Ways

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Fajitas The Healthy Way!

Fajitas The Healthy Way!. Check out these tips to making your fajitas healthier! Add beans (lean protein, vegetarian friendly), guac (healthy fats), and loads of

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Quinoa for Breakfast

I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s a great change from oatmeal! The recipe is best with bananas, but blueberries or raspberries are

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