Naturopathic Resources

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Holistic Wellness Resources Online

Here you will find websites that Dr. Katie uses and recommends as reliable resources to find great healthy recipes, local businesses, and information that supports a healthy lifestyle. The web is full of information, be aware of the source and feel free to send Dr. Katie a link you find interesting! Be sure to check Dr. Katie’s blog for articles, information, and recipes as well!

Healthy recipes for food allergies and vegetarian friendly ideas

Local Companies Supporting Health and Wellness

Environmental Working Group

  • Check your beauty and cleaning products for safety
  • Shopping guides to avoid pesticides – Clean 15/dirty dozen
  • How to Go Green
  • Healthy eating tips
  • More!

Track your nutrition and exercise

  • Great tool for weight loss!
  • Log what you eat and see how many calories your consuming and take a look at all the nutrients (or lack there-of) in your diet.
  • You can also enter in your exercise and see how many calories your burning.

What is in your food?

  • Food Additive information
  • Food allergies
  • Nutrition
  • Food safety
  • Check to see what the mercury content is in your FISH

Your next DIY project

  • Easy and affordable design ideas for your home
  • Random health posts (mostly information she acquires from me :))
  • Talented writing – you are guaranteed a good laugh
  • Disclaimer: This is Dr. Katie’s sister’s blog and she may be a bit biased, but promises its worth checking out!

*Is your blog or a blog you read a great resource? Send Dr. Katie a link!

**Dr. Katie does not have an affiliation with and does not monitor the information given on these websites. Please use your best judgement.




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