What to Expect

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What can I expect from holistic health care?

You can expect Dr. Katie to listen to your concerns with the intention of uncovering the underlying cause. Dr. Katie truly cares about her patients and wants to give them the attention they deserve. Dr. Katie does a lot of research for her patients and takes the time to create effective treatment plans. The treatment plan will be tailored to your needs and financial abilities with a goal for success. Future appointments will include making changes to the treatment plan as needed, generating new goals, and discussing new issues as they arise.

Insurance Coverage: A Health Savings Account (HSA) can be used for office visits and lab work. An HSA allows you to have control over your health care and is very cost effective. This is a tax free savings account that can be used for out of network medical expenses. Currently, Minnesota health insurance does not cover naturopathic services. Naturopathic Doctors are considered out of network; therefore you can submit a claim to your insurance and may or may not be reimbursed for the claim.

Dr. Katie accepts cash, check, or credit card. For pricing, please contact Dr. Katie directly at 612-564-2218 or drkatie@balancedcarend.com

  • Adult New Patient Comprehensive Visit: A new patient visit is generally 90 minutes. Dr. Katie will conduct a thorough intake of your current concerns as well as your health history. She will review any recent blood work and recommend additional lab testing if necessary. Current supplements and medications will be reviewed and a treatment plan will be given.
  • Pediatric New Patient Comprehensive Visit: A new patient visit will last approximately 60 – 90 minutes for those who are under 18 years old. Dr. Katie will conduct a thorough intake with the parent, caregiver, and/or child. Past medical history will be reviewed and recent blood work evaluated. Dr. Katie will recommend additional lab work and treatments as needed.
  • Follow-up Visit:  Follow up appointments range from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the complexity of your case. You will likely return 4-6 weeks after the new patient visit. You should be noticing an improvement in your condition by this time. We will review new lab results and discuss any necessary changes to your treatment plan based on the results. We will also discuss your progress on the current plan and answer any questions you might have.
  • Free 15 Minute Consultation: A free 15 minute consultation is offered for new patients. This can be over the phone or in person. No treatments will be given at this time.
  • Phone Consultation: Dr. Katie will conduct patient visits over the phone for those who live outside of the twin cities or are unable to visit her office. She requires only the first consultation to be in-person. Payments will be given over the phone or a check sent in the mail.
  • Lab work: Dr. Katie will recommend general blood work and specialty lab testing on an individual basis. Blood work is not mandatory, but may be optional. Dr. Katie will discuss the fees before ordering any labs, and payments may be collected at your visit. General blood work is very reasonable with Dr. Katie’s cash prices ($75 – $150 depending on tests ordered), but you will always have the option to ask your MD to order them.

You can find Dr. Katie in the heart of the Twin Cities in Edina and Woodbury, Minnesota. If you live outside the Twin Cities, she requires your first visit to be in person, but follow-up visits can be done over the phone. For pricing please contact Dr. Katie directly at 612-564-2218 or drkatie@balancedcarend.com.


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  1. Do you treat hormone issues after using birth control and treatment of fibroids?

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