Sports Medicine

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Naturopathic Doctor in Edina, MNAs a primary care doctor, Dr. Rachel’s goal is to motivate patients in pursuit of pain-free movement and optimal nutrition. As a sports enthusiast herself, Dr. Rachel combines her own training experiences with her professional expertise to help individuals move better, stronger, smarter and to heal faster.

She helps prevent injuries, mend aches and pains and optimize sports performance through nutrition, lifestyle and functional movement so you can be you, only healthier.

Dr. Rachel uses a three-phase approach to healing injuries from the inside out. She will then work with you to maintain health and improve performance.

Dr. Rachel works with all levels of athletes, body builders, fitness and nutrition enthusiasts as well as with injuries including tennis elbow, shin splints, knee injuries, rotator cuff injuries, sprains and strains. Please call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Rachel at 612-564-2218.