Natural Remedies

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Naturopathic Medicine 

Natural remedies or nutritional supplementation includes natural products used to facilitate the body in healing itself. These are safe and effective products that can have a profound effect on our body. Nutritional supplementation includes vitamins, minerals, cofactors, amino acids, enzymes, and other naturally occurring substances. Our body can become sluggish from a poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental impact, and medications. Nutritional supplements support what the body needs in a gentle and effective manner. Naturopathic Doctors are experts in prescribing proper nutrients.

Disclaimer: Dr. Katie is not affiliated with any supplement company and only prescribes based on what is best for her patients. She uses physician grade products and recommends the highest quality for the most effective outcome.

Alternative Medicine

Supplements can be used in addition to, or in place of pharmaceutical medications. Supplements generally contain ingredients that are found naturally in our body (vitamin K or melatonin for example) or are nutrients we find in our food (vitamin C or isoflavones). Because they are naturally found in our body, they are very safe when used appropriately. Rarely are side effects seen. Nutritional supplements provide an alternative remedy for your health.

Holistic Healing 

Insomnia, fatigue, digestive complaints, women’s health concerns, infertility, and inflammation are a few problems that supplementation can help. Due to the poor quality soil our fruits and vegetables are grown in, there is often very low levels of nutrients found in our foods. Processed foods are often devoid of nutrients and increase the need for supplementation and dietary changes.

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