Weight Loss Plan & Coaching

Are you, a loved one, a close friend or coworker looking for a solution to weight problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, or chronic fatigue? Maybe you’ve tried diets, detoxes, exercise plans and either can’t take it off or it comes right back after the program? Well we have a solution for you! And just in time for the New Year!

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What is Transformations 360?

The program was developed 15 years ago and has had close to 1 million patients use this program successfully. The program is a specific nutrition plan with individualized coaching with Dr. Rachel, our Naturopathic Doctor, to help you lose weight faster. No bars, shakes or pills needed. Just real food and nutritious snacks to help with cravings. Dr. Rachel will guide you through your plan every step of the way.

What conditions would benefit the most?

  • Having difficulty losing weight
  • Insulin resistance, prediabetic, Type II diabetic
  • High cholesterol
  • Overweight
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue

What is a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is a low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet used in Transformations 360 because it turns your body into a fat burning machine where you begin burning belly fat and not muscle mass. The ketogenic diet protects bone health and muscle mass without cravings or feeling hungry.

maintain weight-lossWhat are the results?

You can expect to lose 18-22 pounds every 5 weeks!!

Most importantly, we teach you healthy food habits so that you can maintain your weight loss success over time. She will also be able to pinpoint the main food allergies or sensitivities you may have, and show you how to eat everything to keep your weight off for Lifetime success.

Follow this link to listen to real patient testimonials: http://transformationsclinic.com/testimonials

What is included in the Transformations 360 kit?

  • Dr. Rachel will provide you with a WICO score, a FICO score for wellness, to identify the organ systems that are out of balance so we can create a specific program for you.
  • Food scale – used to measure portion sizes
  • 140 Dia snacks – used to curb cravings
  • Patient manual – meal plans, guide and instructions
  • Keto sticks – used to measure whether you are in ketosis or not

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To get started, call our office and let them you would like to see Dr. Rachel for the TRANSFORMATIONS program. We will schedule you a 15 minute consultation and email you a questionnaire to complete to get started. Once at the office we will do a body composition test, weigh and measure you while providing instructions on how the program works. You will leave with the Transformations kit and immediately start with foods already in your kitchen. If you are ready to lose belly fat, look younger, learn how to PREVENT diabetes, and feel better than you have in years, call the office today!