Immune System Support 101 – ZINC

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There are many natural treatments that provide immune system support. You can even find some of these remedies in your very own kitchen! Zinc is just one of the many great natural immune supports.

supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, natural treatments, naturopathic doctor, edina, woodbury, mn

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Today we are going to talk about zinc! I think about immune function first with zinc. I also think about zinc in children, elderly, and pregnant or breastfeeding moms as these populations are more likely to have low zinc levels.

The body does not store very much zinc. Most of it is not readily available which is why taking a supplement can be critical.

Zinc is a mineral like iron, calcium, magnesium, and copper. When taking a mineral in supplement form, it is important to think about dosage and timing, because they can compete with each other for absorption. Zinc can be taken daily in lower doses and slightly higher with an acute infection.

Vitamin C helps with absorption of zinc and iron. Studies show that people experience less symptoms and recover more quickly when taking zinc and vitamin C together. Zinc and iron on the other hand compete for absorption so they should be taken separately.

Benefits of zinc

  • Helps lower inflammation
  • Immune system support
  • Associated with taste and smell
  • Especially beneficial for children and the elderly as they are often deficient
  • Sperm production and testosterone metabolism
  • Reduces pregnancy complications
  • Burn and wound healing
  • Antioxidant

Foods high in zinc

  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Oysters
  • Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Red meat
  • Chicken and pork
  • Oysters
  • Beans
  • Whole grains
  • Dairy

 I hope you learned something about zinc today and will begin to include it in your diet and supplements if you weren’t already.

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Winter Cold and Flu Special!

Sick Woman

Prevent and treat your winter cold or flu naturally this season!

Sick Woman
Does this look familiar?

One cold per year some say is your way of detoxifying and ridding yourself of toxins. However, if you are one of those people who is “always sick” or has more than 1-2 colds per year, you are in need of some immune support. Natural treatments provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional antibiotic prescriptions. Antibiotics can wreak havoc on your digestive tract and increase your susceptibility to illness in the future. They become ineffective when you need them most if they are over-used.

Most colds, sinus and ear infections, and all flus are caused by viruses, but antibiotics target bacteria. The Mayo clinic explains this further here.
Natural treatments stimulate your innate ability to fight off infection. Believe it or not, we were created to fight off infections. Seek the advice of a Naturopathic Doctor or qualified practitioner before taking natural supplements and remedies to assure they are safe for you and your children. Read below for simple tips to keep you healthy and prevent colds and flus this season.

  1. Sleep! Make it a priority and sleep for at least 7 hours per night.
  2. Drink water to stay hydrated. 1/2 your body weight in ounces (body weight/2 = # ounces per day) per day.
  3. Wash your hands
  4. Avoid sugar as much as possible. Sugar reduces your immune function, and increases inflammation.
  5. Use stress to your advantage. Check out this video to see what I mean.
  6. Stay active – exercise keeps us healthy, strong, and helps prevent infections.
  7. Take your vitamins!
  8. Wet sock  treatment you can try if you feel like you are coming down with a cold.
  9. Do not suppress a fever if it is below 102 – this is your way of creating an undesirable environment for bacteria and viruses to flourish in.
  10. If you feel like you’re getting sick – stick to broth soup (nothing heavy), avoid sugar and dairy, and take a nap. Epsom salt baths are also great.

I hope you have a healthy winter! But if not, visit me in Edina or Woodbury for natural treatments designed specifically for you.

Best Regards,
Dr. Katie Corazzo