Women’s Health Seminar

Free Seminars offered at Bloomington Family Chiropractic

Women’s Health

  • Uncovering the cause
  • How the environment influences your health
  • How your diet influences your hormones
  • Ways to improve your diet
  • Learn about Naturopathic Treatments

When: March 25th, 7 PM

Where: Bloomington Family Chiropractic


Sign up by calling 952-881-2800

Upcoming Seminars:

  • April – Lose weight before summer!
  • May – How to have healthy looking skin for summer
  • June – Menopause
  • July – Fibromyalgia
  • August – How to lower your cholesterol Naturally
  • September – Back to school health tips for your kids
  • October – Is your house making you sick?
  • November – Aches and pains
  • December – Heartburn before the holidays

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