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Dr. Katie Corazzo is a registered Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Edina, Minnesota. Our patients come to us from throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, and use naturopathic medicine for a variety of conditions. As experts in holistic health and natural remedies, Balanced Care is your best resource for improved wellness. Whether you are frustrated with the conventional medical system, on medications, or just looking to improve your health and prevent disease; we will be there to guide you towards your optimal health goals.

Providing holistic health care and natural remedies to address the root cause of disease is something our doctor can do for you, too. Homeopathic treatments, nutrition, herbs, home remedies, and vitamins and nutrients are a few of the natural treatments naturopathic doctors provide. We also offer a variety of lab work including hormone testing, food sensitivity tests, stool, breath, neurotransmitters, saliva testing and more.

Our team will listen to your concerns with the intention of uncovering the underlying cause. We truly care about our patients and want to give them the attention they deserve. Dr. Katie takes the time to create effective treatment plans. The treatment plan will be tailored to your needs and financial abilities with a goal for success. Future appointments will include making changes to the treatment plan as needed, generating new goals, and discussing new issues as they arise.

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Dr. Katie Corazzo

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Dr. Katie, I just wanted to let you know that after three weeks of following the treatment plan you laid out for me, I am feeling so much better. With significantly fewer physical issues with my sinuses and stomach, I have more energy and stamina. This has led me to return to yoga practice – another benefit to my overall well-being.

Lynn C.

Dr. Katie is a true healer. I went to see her with complaints of infertility, digestion issues, and overall lack of energy. She listened carefully and asked thorough questions then prescribed some effective, but natural ways to address the issues. We got to the bottom of my digestion issues, and one month after seeing her, I’m pregnant! Dr. Katie is patient and compassionate as well comprehensive in her care. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a patient experience that far exceeds the traditional doctor’s visit.


I appreciate Dr. Katie’s holistic approach to healthcare. I didn’t want to put a Band-Aid on my health issues anymore. I wanted to heal. As I continue to heal, I will seek her knowledge and wisdom. I am forever thankful for what she has offered to me – a healthy life full of promise!