Diet And Nutrition

Naturopathic Medicine and the Importance of Diet and Nutrition

Dr. Katie and Dr. Julia believe diet and nutrition are the heart of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Katie’s background is in nutrition and it’s where her true passion lies. Our doctors will discuss how to introduce healthy, quality ingredients into your diet to help you lose weight, uncover or remove food allergies, improve your digestion, reduce your PMS symptoms, treat arthritis, or prevent disease. Handouts with detailed information and dietary counseling will set you up for success.

Food Allergies

Dr. Katie and Dr. Julia offers the most high-quality blood test to evaluate potential food allergies. Food allergy testing can give clues to the health of your gut and the specific foods that might be irritating to your body. Gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy, and eggs are a few of the most common food allergens, but we are all different, and YOU may be allergic to almonds or green beans. This testing will often uncover the cause of many different symptoms including fatigue, acne, constipation, rashes, itching, allergies, congestion, joint pain, etc. Then you will learn how to remove the necessary allergens and include healthier options.

Alternative Medicine

Improving your diet and nutrition levels can treat elevated cholesterol or blood pressure, insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, IBS, and more. Clinical nutrition is an alternative medicine that can prevent the need for medications.

Holistic Healing

Improving your diet is often a lifestyle change that can be very challenging. Dr. Katie and Dr. Julia will meet you where you are at in your journey and give you the resources you need to be successful. Everyone is different, therefore you will receive a diet plan that is specific to your needs at this time in your life. Our doctors also addresses the often underlying emotional connection to food. You will become empowered to make the necessary changes for optimal health by addressing the emotions beneath the food.

Food is a powerful medicine!

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