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Dr. Katie and Dr. Rachel value your feedback and would love to know how your experience was.

Many patients may not realize the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine. If you have been impacted in some way, please feel free to share below.

“Dr. Katie is a true healer.  I went to see her with complaints of infertility, digestion issues, and overall lack of energy.  She listened carefully and asked thorough questions then prescribed some effective, but natural ways to address the issues.  We got to the bottom of my digestion issues, and 1 month after seeing her, I’m pregnant!  Dr. Katie is patient and compassionate as well comprehensive in her care.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a patient experience that far exceeds the traditional doctor’s visit.” ~ T.B.

Hi [Dr. Rachel]!  Thanks for the response.  I just wanted to share that after only 4+ days on the low FODMAP diet, I feel better than I have in months. THANK YOU!

[Dr. Rachel] You recently saw my daughter, and I just wanted to give you an update. She already seems to be doing much better! She is sleeping well and is not nearly as tired as she was before. Of course she isn’t 100% but I feel like we are on the right path. Thank you for that!

“I brought my son in to see you [Dr. Katie] in October. We started the remedy that you recommended on October 30th. Since then, we (his dad and I) have witnessed his cooperativeness, reasonableness, and flexibility improve at home as well as an increase in his laughter and joy in life! His teacher has reported that overall he is much more focused and really trying hard at school! In fact, he began tracking the number of times that he interrupted group time prior to the remedy (23 times!) and is now down to only 5 times!! What an improvement! In addition, he only needs about 5 reminders a day to get back on task at school. We are so incredibly thankful for you taking the time to listen to the specifics of his issues and asking the right questions and also, of course, for researching the right remedy for him!

Thank you again for your expertise! You are a MIRACLE WORKER!!! Please let me know the best places to post a review for your business.”~ A.M.


“Just wanted to update you on my skin progress! My neck has come such a long way from my first appointment with [Dr. Katie]. The [treatments] have helped tremendously! I still get break outs here and there but nothing as big or long lasting as before. I just wanted to say thank you for your help and also just wanted to know if I should continue with the same supplements as they will be running out soon. Again, thank you for your time and help!” ~ C.M

Dr. Alioto was the first Naturopathic doctor I have seen and she has more than set the standard for care! Dr. Alioto took me in as patient during an emotionally stressful time and was able to quickly help me get relief with homeopathy and manipulation among other therapies. More importantly, however, it was Dr. Alioto’s kindness and generosity that made me confident in her healing knowledge. Dr. Alioto’s success stems from her incredible attitude about her patients and the healing process by understanding that each individual is unique, and everyone benefits when love and care are integrated into therapy! I highly recommend Dr. Rachel Alioto!

“Dr. Katie,  just wanted to let you know that after 3 weeks of following the treatment plan you laid out for me,  I am feeling so much better.  With significantly fewer physical issues with my sinuses and stomach, I have more energy and stamina.  This has led me to return to yoga practice – another benefit to my overall well-being.” ~ Lynn C.

“Thank you so much for the treatment sheet. I started following the nutritional guidelines & supplements yesterday morning and have it marked on my calendar to follow through to the end of April. I am feeling very empowered 🙂
I also just wanted to give you feedback on the ordering process through HealthWave. I absolutely loved how easy it was to order and couldn’t believe how quickly my items were delivered (and even refrigerated!) Thank you for making that process so streamlined and easy.” ~ Andrea B.

“I’m hoping to get back into a regular routine of taking my pills b/c I’ve noticed endometriosis symptoms returning again and my period has become very irregular 😦  (but I have noticed a significant difference in my anxiety symptoms after 1 dose of the [homeopathic remedy]! I’m still blown away by this!). So hopefully I can get started on a routine again and continue improving. And hopefully I can schedule an appointment with you at the end of the summer to continue moving forward on my health journey.”Thank you so much! ~ Steph

“Thanks so much for squeezing me in today. The appointment was exactly what I was looking and hoping for. I purchased your prescriptions and am excited to start taking them.” ~ C.M.

“I don’t know what is happening with me, but I haven’t felt this good in years, many years. I have experienced this feeling only a few times in the last 10 to 15 years and it’s now been 3 days, in a row. Unbelievable. I would have had a hard time believing this if I hadn’t tried this diet. I am taking all supplements. Trying to stick with the white meats & fish, but did have steak 1 night with Ron. I also cheated on a taste of the breads and some bagel chips, which I did throw away because of how I felt after I ate a few. Thanks for getting me to this point and your right, once starting, the diet becomes easier because of how I feel.” B.M.J.

“This [detox cleanse] has been quite the learning process and was the jump start I needed. It has really helped me be mindful of how much sugar and how many bread items (pasta, bread, cookies, tortillas) I used to fill me up instead of fruits and veggies. It also reminded me that I am strong enough to resist temptations (like muffins brought into staff meeting!).  :)” ~ S.F.

“I began seeing Dr. Katie in August of 2013 because, what I was currently doing for my health simply wasn’t working. I had been taking two different antidepressants simultaneously for 3 years to help with anxiety and depression. I think the drugs worked for a little while at first, but after 3 years, I was no better off than I was before I took them. In fact, I was dealing with several side effects from the drugs that probably caused me depression.
I gradually became open to exploring different approaches to healthcare. I ended up in Dr. Katie’s office and that is when true healing began! In my first appointment she spent time getting to know me and asking me every possible question about myself and the issues that I was dealing with, my past, and even the future. After listening to me, she had settled on a remedy to prescribe to me, as well as nutritional guidance and a few supplements that she thought might help me as well.
Within two weeks of taking the remedy and following the plan we discussed, my husband looked at me out of the blue one day and said “I think I have my wife back!”
It crept up on me slowly. I began enjoying the things that I used to enjoy. I felt like a worthy mom and wife again! Day after day I began to feel better about myself. I felt like ME again! It had been so long.
Three months later I went back for a follow up appointment with Dr. Katie and she asked me the same questions that she asked me at the first appointment. She asked me to answer if I felt better, the same or worse. I was able to answer almost every question ‘better!’
And in a follow up appointment 3 months after that, all the issues that I initially came to Dr. Katie with 6 months prior were almost non-issues! It was so powerful for me to hear those same questions asked and know how far I had come! So often we make a decision to do something to better ourselves, but never spend time reflecting and evaluating the effectiveness of the action.
I appreciate Dr. Katie’s holistic approach to healthcare. I didn’t want to put a Band-Aid on my health issues anymore. I wanted healing. As I continue to heal I will seek her knowledge and wisdom. I am forever thankful for what she has offered to me. A healthy life full of promise!
Thank You Dr. Katie!
Sincerely, T.L.

I first went to see Dr. Katie Corazzo to run a food allergy test, because I wasn’t absorbing vitamin D properly. While waiting for my food allergy results I had a severe acid reflux attack. Dr. Katie recommended a few supplements to help prevent damage to my esophagus and prevent the reflux. It was amazing. I emailed Dr. Katie to let her know that her suggestions worked & that I was able to stop my medication within three or four days! Dr. Katie also gave me food recommendations based on my food allergy test results. I can’t tell you how hard the diet is. I emailed Dr Katie to let her know I was struggling and she gave me suggestion to help, including recipes on her blog. I owe her a lot, because I feel the best I have in a long time and the chronic cough after all these years has finally stopped which is totally amazing!! I am so THANKFUL I found Dr. Katie who now has me on the right track to keep my acid reflux under control with natural products that aren’t harmful. With her help in switching me to a healthy diet and natural supplements, I will lose weight & feel even better than I do today!!  ~ Beth J.

“Hi Dr Katie,I wanted to let you know that I attended your conference on treating your thyroid naturally and I tried some of the things on the handout you gave us for the past month. I had a chance to go to my dr and had some lab work done.  I found that my TSH had gone down/improved by almost .600 points. Thanks! Rachel

“I have had severe seasonal allergies since I was very young. Like stay home from school or work terrible. I’ve had nights were I literally couldn’t sleep because I would constantly wake up sneezing. The past several years I received steroid shots to alleviate my suffering but I knew I didn’t want that to be the solution for the rest of my life. I visited Dr. Katie this spring to find a more natural and effect approach and I have had such wonderful results that I find myself sharing my story with strangers when I hear people talking about their allergies. Dr. Katie is so easy to talk to and her passion for holistic health and her patients makes her so easy to trust. Her recommendations she gave to me have honestly changed my life this spring.” ~ Megan G.

“Dr. Katie’s cleanse and nutritional suggestions have made a drastic difference in my well-being. I now have energy, my acne disappeared, I feel happy because I’m eating well, and I lost 14 pounds! She has  a wealth of knowledge to address any health issue you may encounter. Thank you Dr Katie!” ~ M.L.

“I had a great experience doing Dr.Katie’s detox. The first 4-5 days my intestinal issues had decreased significantly. My skin cleared up and had a great glow to it. I even ended up losing 7-8 pounds! The way she prepared and presented the information made it very easy to follow day by day. I took so much information away from this detox on what foods to buy and how they benefit your body. I have taken the information and implemented it into my daily eating habits after the detox. I have seen benefits from the detox physically and mentally. It’s hard work but it’s worth it!” ~ K.S.

“We are so happy we went through the 21 day detox. At the beginning of the detox, we both wondered how we would find the strength to get through, but quickly learned that it really isn’t hard at all!!  In fact, I’d say we have sustained about 80% of the overall program as part of our diet/daily routines. We both feel less bloated, more energized and get better sleep.” ~ P.B.

Dr. Katie saved my life. I had been suffering for 30 years with gas, bloating, heartburn, and diarrhea. I had been through both upper and lower GI tests, and diagnosed with IBS and Acid Reflux.  Prescription meds had not worked. When in MN visiting my sister, I went to see Dr. Katie. I had food allergy tests& stool sample tests done. My main issue was a Candida Yeast buildup. Through a special diet and use of natural supplements, I beat the Candida. Dr. Katie was sympathetic to my struggles and treated me by E-mail & phone. Now I am totally trusting her to help me get off my meds for depression and to treat that condition with natural supplements.  Quit suffering and trust Dr. Katie.
~ Suzanne

My results with Dr. Katie were fantastic! I went to see Dr. Katie for digestive issues, I was constantly bloated and constipated for as long as I can remember. After some testing and questions, Dr. Katie recommended some supplements and helpful foods to help me become more regular. Her regimen helped me and continues to help me!! At the time I was also struggling with my eyelashes falling out due to stress and makeup usage. After talking with Dr. Katie she suggested natural serums, makeup and supplements to help the regrown of my eyelashes. After a few weeks my eyelashes were back!!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Dr. Katie was extremely tentative and very helpful with any questions I had. Dr. Katie is beyond knowledgeable and is eager to learn and treat!! ~ ADS