How Effective is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine employs natural remedies and treatments to support the body’s ability to heal itself. So, how effective is naturopathic medicine? Many patients have experienced the benefits of using alternative medicine to treat various conditions including hormone imbalance, infertility, digestive concerns, cardiovascular health, autoimmune, anxiety, depression, and stress among many others. Patients feel better, have improved energy, a more regular digestive tract, and have predictable menses. Just to name a few.

When the goal is to understand what the cause is; the treatment becomes much more effective. This is not a band-aid approach where we are simply covering up or suppressing symptoms. We are helping the body to heal itself. Lab work and a detailed intake help to identify where the imbalances in the body might be. Treatments are formulated to assist the body in healing itself and correcting the imbalances.

There is a reason more and more people are seeking natural therapies. More than one thousand were surveyed and 55% reported using at least one form of alternative medicine or natural remedy. Herbal medicine, supplements and tea were among the most popular. 66% of those surveyed would like alternative medicine to be covered by their insurance. A whopping 72% try to avoid medications if they can and most of those people also think their doctors prescribe medication too quickly. A few of the reasons people choose to use alternative remedies: they work, it is better for your body, safe, no side effects, and is less expensive. [2]

The evidence-based research supports the overall effectiveness of naturopathic medicines for many different health conditions. Botanicals, vitamins, nutrients, and homeopathics have been shown to be effective in research. One great example of how research shows positive outcomes is in patients with PCOS. A review from Reproductive BioMedicine Online concluded that “a large amount of evidence exists of the positive effects” of a natural therapy, Inositol in treating PCOS [1]. Other studies have showed that natural medicine is just as effective, if not more effective, than using birth control to ‘treat’ PCOS which results in successful pregnancies.

The 2014 National Health Report from the CDB concluded that seven out of ten of the leading causes of death are the result of chronic disease. The report continued to say that these diseases are preventable with lifestyle changes including exercise, healthy eating, and avoiding tobacco. Natural treatments are effective at enhancing lifestyle changes and result in greater health improvements. Naturopathic Doctors are there to assist you on your journey toward optimal health.