Natural Treatments

Clinical Nutrition

Dr. Katie believes nutrition is the heart of Naturopathic Medicine and really at the heart of our health. What we eat vastly affects our body and quality of life. With a focus on quality foods that nourish our body, we will guide you in making dietary changes that work for you when needed. Food sensitivity and allergy testing can be used to create a more specific plan. Food can be used as medicine and Dr. Katie is here to teach you how!

Detox / Cleanse

Complete Dr. Katie’s 14 or 21 day detox program to cleanse your body. Cleansing can lead to decreased inflammation, weight loss, improved energy, mental clarity and much more.


Homeopathy is the use of a tiny amount of medicine to heal the mind and body. There are thousands of different remedies, and it is truly an art to find the most effective remedy for the patient. Remedies are prescribed based on what makes an individual different from others and is a powerful energetic medicine that helps your body itself.

Herbal (Botanical) Medicine

Herbal or Botanical Medicine is the use of plants to provide healing for our body. Botanicals are incredibly effective when used properly, and Naturopathic Doctors are experts in this field.


The use of water is one of the simplest and most fun ways to treat illness. Hydrotherapy can be used in a variety of ways and shines the most during colds and flu.


Supplements include vitamins and minerals naturally found in our bodies. When used therapeutically they can have profound effects on our health. Not all supplements are created equal and it is important to make sure the products you are using have the quality you need. Naturopathic Doctors receive extensive training in prescribing proper nutrients and can review your current supplements and recommend appropriate changes when needed.

Environmental Medicine

We are exposed to toxins in our air, food, and homes daily. Reducing our toxic burden is one way to prevent disease. When toxins have reaped havoc on our bodies Naturopathic Medicine uses the most advanced testing to determine where the imbalance lies. Detoxing is one way to help reduce the burden and often times treat the underlying cause of imbalance in the body.