Benefits of Hydrotherapy — How can water heal?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapeutic benefits. It is an ancient healing method that has been used for centuries, and generally involves the use of alternating hot and cold water applications. The utilization of hot water allows the blood vessels and lymph to open up and deliver blood, nutrients, and cells to aid in the healing process. Then a burst of cold application causes the vessels to pump toxins and waste away. This process is often repeated several times to create a pumping mechanism that brings healing to the area. You might remember my Magic Sock article on Mind Body Green, which is my favorite example of hydrotherapy and one you can try today. Another easy way to test this theory is in your shower. While showering, turn the water to hot for 3 minutes and then to cold for 30 seconds. Repeat twice. This works great for headaches or a little energy boost in the morning!

Alternative Remedy

Have you ever had a fever or headache and applied a cold towel to your head? Or jumped into a chilly body of water to cool off? If you answered yes to either question, then you have had experience with hydrotherapy already! Dr. Katie often recommends hydrotherapy treatments to try at home when detoxing, fighting off a cold, or experiencing pain.

Holistic Healing

Hydrotherapy can increase your vitality and support your immune system to allow your body to heal itself. Anyone can do these easy treatments at home.