Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is one of the first holistic and integrative primary care systems. In order to meet health goals and achieve optimal wellness there is an emphasis on prevention, natural treatments, and allowing the body to heal itself. Founded in the US in 1901, these time tested treatments have been modernized and backed by science. With an increased demand for natural remedies, vitamins, herbal treatments, and guidance in making lifestyle changes; Naturopathic Medicine has emerged as the bridge between conventional and natural treatments.

Lab work is often used to establish a baseline, diagnose various conditions, measure hormones, and track progress. Labs are used to help determine what the underlying issues are. Blood work, stool testing, saliva cortisol, SIBO breath, food sensitivities and more are measured. Naturopathic medicine utilizes the principles of prevention and optimization when interpreting the lab work. A careful analysis is necessary to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Naturopathic Medicine works by treating the underlying condition using natural medicine and nutrition. When hormones are imbalanced, herbs can be used to help the body either make more hormone naturally, or eliminate excess hormones. Stress, illness, poor diet, and medications for example, can move our body out of homeostasis or create deficiencies. Stress can lead to elevated cortisol which causes elevations in insulin resulting in weight gain. The elevations in insulin and cortisol cause stress on the thyroid and disrupts female and male hormones. Mood changes are going to occur as well. The body is complex and interconnected. With Naturopathic Medicine, we can bring the body back to balance.