About Us

Naturopathic Clinic and Doctor, Edina MN

Dr. Katie Corazzo is a registered Naturopathic Doctor serving patients throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We have a naturopathic clinic in Edina, Minnesota and see patients virtually as well. Patients use naturopathic medicine for a variety of conditions. As experts in integrative medicine and natural remedies, Balanced Care’s naturopathic clinics are your best resource. Whether you are frustrated with the conventional medical system, on medications, or just looking to improve your health and prevent disease, we will be there to guide you towards your optimal health goals.

Our doctor is board certified and registered in the state of Minnesota. Naturopathic Doctors attended a 4 year Naturopathic Medical programs where they received their doctorate. Passion for natural medicine and individualized medical care is what led Dr. Katie to pursue Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Katie is passionate about what she does and looks forward to helping you too.