Herbal Medicine

Naturopathic Doctors and Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine (or botanical medicine)  is the use of plants to provide healing for our body. Herbs are incredibly effective when used properly. Herbs can be used in a capsule, tablet, tincture (liquid extraction), tea, or powder form. Naturopaths are experts in prescribing herbs to help renew balance and address the cause of disease.

Alternative Medicine

Herbs can be used as an alternative treatment for many conditions. Herbs can help balance hormones, reduce pain, fight infections, increase energy, improve digestion, regulate blood sugars, reduce cholesterol, and much much more. Herbs have been used and studied for centuries and are shown to have a wide variety of benefits. Certain herbs are contraindicated with prescription medications, therefore its important to seek the advice of a professional.

Holistic Medicine

Many herbs have several benefits throughout the body, making them versatile and holistic, naturally. Herbs are safe and create body-wide balance when taken correctly.

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