Have you been trying to become pregnant and are wanting to take a deeper look at hormones and what might be causing the difficulties? With Dr. Katie you can discover how to optimize your health and hormones while preparing your body for pregnancy.

Dr. Katie helps couples increase their chances of becoming pregnant by using natural methods including dietary recommendations, cycle tracking, detailed hormone testing, and herbal supplementation to support the body. Dr. Katie also believes it is important to make sure your body is ready for pregnancy, to ensure a healthy baby. Don’t forget about your guy either – 40% of infertility is due to male infertility. Dr. Katie can help support egg and sperm quality.

Whether you are having fertility problems or thinking about becoming pregnant and would like to optimize your health for you and your baby, Dr. Katie can help.

A foresight study in England looked at couples with infertility and recurrent miscarriage. They began a basic preconception program consisting of an improved diet and a multivitamin. After two years, 89% had live births, no miscarriages, and no problems with the birth or children!