Do You Want To Have A Healthy Holiday?


Here are Dr. Katie’s 10 tips for a healthy holiday season:

1. Focus on MAINTAINING your weight and your activity level

This is usually not a great time to focus on losing weight.

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2. Bring healthy food options to the party

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  • Appetizer: Fresh veggies and hummus or fruit (it’s all about presentation here!)
  • Side dish: Roasted sweet potatoes and apples, baked asparagus, etc.
  • Turkey: Use an herbs to give the meat flavor
  • Dessert: Dairy free and gluten-free options, you might not be able to get away with bringing a “healthy” dessert, so watch your portion size here or skip it all together. Bring something you don’t like, but other people do.

3. Watch your portions and chose 1 or 2 things to splurge on

4. Hide the cookies!


The freezer is a great place to hide cookies. Think about whether you really want those cookies while you wait for them to un-thaw. If the answer is “yes”, then see #8!

5. Don’t leave bowls of M&Ms and snack food around the house

6. Eat your veggies first


7. Drink plenty of water! At least ½ your body weight in ounces


8. If you eat something on the naughty list, ENJOY it!

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Be choosy about when and what you indulge in (I am a chocolate kind of girl), and then enjoy it, otherwise what is the point?!

9. Be wise in your drink choices


  • Egg Nog: ½ cup
  • Traditional Egg Nog = 200 calories
  • Coconut or Soy Milk Egg Nog = 90 calories


  • Liquor = 64 cal/oz (watch what you put in your alcohol)
  • Red and white wine = 120 cal / 5 oz


  • IPA = 180 calories/bottle
  • Honey Weiss = 149 calories / bottle
  • Crispin Hard Cider = 170 calories / bottle
  • Michelob Ultra = 95 calories / bottle
  • Angry Orchard = 210 calories / bottle

Hot chocolate with water = 90 cal & 8g sugar / cup

  • Hot chocolate with milk = 192 cal / cup

Coffee shop drinks:

  • Medium White Turtle Mocha 610 cal & 73g sugar
  • Medium Pumpkin Spiced Latte 380 Cal, 49g sugar
  • Medium coffee with soy 15 calories, 1g sugar

10. Keep a bag of nuts with you. If you are hungry and do not have healthy options, snack on nuts until you get home or can find a place with healthy options.


Safe travels and have a very happy holiday season!

~Dr. Katie Corazzo

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