It’s that time of year again: the dreaded flu season. Every time it comes around, you worry you might be the next victim.

While you might feel like you want to stay home and hide for the duration of flu season, that is most likely not a valid option. With work, activities, family members to care for, and life to enjoy, there is no time to get sick.

Staying healthy and avoiding sickness is important to you, but what are the best ways to do that? You also might be wondering if it is possible to prevent the flu naturally. The good news is, there are lots of ways to naturally prepare your body to fight off the flu.

Get Enough Sleep


First and foremost, an essential way to stay healthy during flu season is to ensure you are getting enough sleep. The body requires 7-9 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep can weaken your body’s defenses.

Ways to Get More Sleep

Sometimes sleep can feel elusive. In the busy rush of life, it’s all you can do to get to bed at a decent hour. Winding down can be difficult and then sleep can sometimes feel disrupted.

Here are some tips to help you get more sleep so you can keep your immune system strong and help keep the flu away:

  • Drink caffeine-free tea before bed
  • Put down devices before you get in bed
  • Consider meditation
  • Establish a routine time for bed and waking up that’s the same every day

With these simple steps, you can improve and increase your sleep, which will, in turn, keep you healthier.

Make Sure to Exercise


Routine exercise can help make your immune system strong, and boost your energy. Staying in good physical shape keeps your body healthy and prepared to fight sickness.

Whether adding in an extra walk every day, joining a gym, or participating in a simple work out routine in your home, you can easily incorporate exercise into your daily life. There are so many other benefits of exercising, like reducing stress, losing weight, and increasing energy, you will feel better on many levels, aside from just preventing the flu.

Another great benefit of regular exercise is that it can also help you sleep better, which as we mentioned earlier, is also a great way to prevent the flu.

Take Your Vitamins


Several vitamins and minerals can assist in strengthening your immune system. Taking these can not only help prevent the onset of the flu, but it can also potentially shorten the duration of the flu if you do still manage to get it.

Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Zinc

These three are a popular combination when it comes to preventing the flu. Many people look for these to boost their immune system during cold and flu season. They are found in pill form, or other over the counter remedies, such as included in soluble powders that you can add to water.

Herbal Supplements

Echinacea and elderberry are two very popular botanical medicines that also assist in bolstering the immune system, and alleviating symptoms when the flu attacks you.

Echinacea is an immune system stimulator which stimulates cells that are responsible for fighting germs and foreign organisms. It also helps prevent bacterial and viral infections.

Elderberries are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants. They aid in strengthening the immune system, and are also said to have antiviral properties. Through a drying process, elderberries can be used in a tea or syrup.

These powerful botanical supplements have amazing benefits and are a great way to build up your immune system and ward off sickness.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands


One of the simplest ways you can prevent the flu is to remember to be vigilant when it comes to washing your hands. Remember when you were a child and you were instructed to sing the ABC song in your head while washing to ensure you washed for long enough? Well, it won’t hurt to bring that method back!

Washing your hands may seem insignificant, but it is truly an easy way to help prevent the flu and other illnesses.

It is also crucial to keep your hands away from your nose, mouth, and eyes if they are not washed. By keeping your hands clean, you are less likely to spread germs to your mucous membranes.

Leave the Stress Behind


We all would like to live stress-free lives. Stress can wear you down, contribute to lack of sleep, and also deplete your immune system.

It is essential to use relaxation techniques to help reduce stress. Here are some great ways to help you de-stress:

  • Try meditation, yoga, or even acupuncture
  • Use essential oils in a diffuser to set a relaxing atmosphere
  • Take a warm bath
  • Engage in activities you enjoy, like hiking, reading, or any of your hobbies
  • Exercise

If you can manage your stress and find ways to relax, you will be able to keep your immune system strong.

Take Care of Yourself

Overall, it is vital to take care of yourself during flu season. By getting enough sleep, exercising, and reducing stress, you will ensure your immune system is healthy.

Taking vitamins and herbal supplements can also help strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy.

By following these simple steps, you can avoid the dreaded flu and remain healthy through this difficult season.

Help From the Experts

If you are still wondering what else you can do to maintain your health during flu season, you can always contact Balanced Care and work with our naturopathic doctors to find a plan that will work for you.

At Balanced Care, we work to find natural and holistic solutions to the health-related problems in your life. Individualized plans and education are our priorities.

We are here to help keep you healthy and happy year-round, especially during flu season. Call today to set up an appointment with us. We are excited to work with you to develop a plan to evaluate your overall health and wellness.

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