Nothing ruins the enjoyment of a delicious meal like heartburn or indigestion afterward. While eating some of your favorite foods might taste and feel great at the time, sometimes they can lead to heartburn or indigestion.

Dealing with the unpleasantness of heartburn or indigestion can be frustrating as it can be difficult to find relief. There are several prescriptions for these conditions, but if you are only an occasional sufferer, or you are looking for something more natural, home remedies for indigestion or heartburn may be what you need.

Heartburn and indigestion can be bothersome and uncomfortable. At Balanced Care, our naturopathic doctors will evaluate any gastrointestinal issue you may be experiencing and suggest a natural approach to remedying the problem. Natural treatments are successful in treating many gastrointestinal conditions, and we want to share the options with you so you can make an informed decision about your treatment. Partnering with us to find the best option for your occasional heartburn or indigestion can help you effectively treat your condition holistically and naturally.

When it comes to home remedies for indigestion and heartburn, you can try several different methods to alleviate your discomfort. You may also be looking for home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy to ensure a safe and natural way to treat this common pregnancy symptom.

Home Remedies For Indigestion

Green Tea

Indigestion is an uncomfortable and unwelcome feeling. After enjoying a meal, you might be stuck with that painful, irritating, inflammation. As frustrating as it can be, there are some home remedies for indigestion that can help you avoid it altogether, or alleviate the discomfort you feel.</p.

Mint or Chamomile Tea

A soothing cup of either mint or chamomile tea can assuage indigestion. Whether you are at home or a restaurant, try drinking a cup of one of these teas after a meal that tends to trigger your indigestion. You can even carry a few tea bags with you while traveling or dining out.

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DGL and Cinnamon

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice, or DGL, can be taken to soothe your stomach. DGL can increase mucous activity in your body, which can act as a barrier against harsh stomach acids.

Cinnamon is not only a tasty additive to tea, oatmeal, stew, and more, but it is also a natural remedy for soothing indigestion and other types of stomach issues.

Preventative Measures

Aside from treating indigestion the natural way, there are also measures you can take to avoid indigestion altogether. There are some simple steps you can take to help keep indigestion at bay.

Overeating is one way to exacerbate indigestion. Sometimes it’s hard to stop eating when the meal is so delicious, but stopping before you’ve had too much can be the difference between indigestion and enjoying the rest of your day or evening.

Eating too late at night can also cause indigestion to flare up. Consider moving your dinner time to an earlier time of day, and skipping those tempting midnight snacks.

Certain foods and habits can also trigger indigestion. Smoking, alcohol or caffeine intake, and acidic foods can all contribute to indigestion. Leave these things behind, or enjoy only in moderation for your overall health and to avoid indigestion.

If you tend to suffer from indigestion after going to bed, consider raising the head of your bed. Elevating the top of your bed can relieve pressure on your stomach and help you keep indigestion away.

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Home Remedies for Heartburn


Heartburn is a firey and uncomfortable situation that many of us suffer through. If you’re pregnant, chances are you experience frequent heartburn. Home remedies for heartburn, especially during pregnancy, help ensure you’re taking the safest route possible to get rid of your discomfort.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking raw apple cider vinegar may seem unpleasant or like it would only make your heartburn worse, but adding between a teaspoon and tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to eight ounces of water and sipping it during the day or an hour before meals helps to increase stomach acid which, in turn, can prevent heartburn for some people.


Whether in the form of tea or candy, peppermint can help alleviate heartburn and provide some relief. Sucking on peppermint candies is an effective and delicious way to keep heartburn away.

Lemon Water, Coconut Water, and Plain Water

Lemon juice is a common way to balance stomach acid and assist with digestion. It’s also refreshing and a great way to make your water intake a little more enjoyable.

Coconut water can neutralize stomach acids and is also high in minerals and electrolytes. These properties help to PH-balance your stomach and relieve heartburn.

Water is essential to your body for many reasons, so drinking lots of water should already be part of your daily routine. Sipping water all day long can help keep heartburn at bay by keeping you hydrated.

Preventative Measures

If you are plagued with frequent heartburn and are looking for ways to prevent it instead of just treating it, there are some natural ways you can try.

Ensure you are eating several hours before bedtime, as lying down right after a meal can cause heartburn to flare up.

Avoid foods that can trigger heartburn such as acidic foods, spicy foods, rich or fatty foods, caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate. Making changes to your diet to avoid these foods that commonly cause heartburn can prevent heartburn from striking.

Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking water consistently instead of chugging large amounts of water at one time.

Natural Remedies for a Natural Way of Life


If you want to find natural remedies for indigestion and heartburn to maintain a holistic and healthy way of life, the doctors at Balanced Care are here to assist you.

With experience, knowledge, and a commitment to patient care, we treat each of our clients using the least invasive and most natural therapies. We will create a tailored holistic plan to help you meet and sustain your health goals.

If you are struggling with gastrointestinal issues and are looking for the most natural way to treat your condition, contact us at Balanced Care today to start a plan to get you feeling great the natural way.